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Gambling addiction is a serious issue, and if you might know someone or you are personally struggling with it, it’s important for you to go and get professional help from someone. Gambling is supposed to be a fun and exciting activity for you to do, in your leisure time. Whether it is by playing on slot online Malaysia or visiting a casino for fun. But like any other thing what might be something fun and exciting can lead to more serious issues like addiction. 

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Like any other addiction, there are some signs that you need to be aware of to know that someone is struggling with gambling addictions. 


Most people that struggle with gambling issues will usually lie to get away and gamble all day long. That is why, they’ll usually like where they’re going, what they’re doing, and what happened with their money. Over time you can see the patterns of their lies and they will also try to manipulate you with some new other lies. Other than that, when someone with no gambling problems is gambling they’ll usually set a limit or they’ll only gamble less than they could lose. But on the other hand, someone that struggles with a gambling addiction will have no limits and they’ll gamble more money than they could lose. And this can affect their life where they could have financial problems that could lead to them losing their home, their job, and having to be in debt. 


Most addiction will affect the mood of someone that is struggling with the addiction, and the same thing goes for gambling addiction. You can only feel a moment of happiness and excitement when you are gambling and not gambling will make you feel rage, depressed and other negative feelings. When you are using gambling as a coping mechanism to distract you from your problems, you’ll soon be detached from reality have no sense of what is your priority anymore. 


Gambling is an activity that is related to money and when you are addicted to gambling, you’ll usually lose more money than you are winning and this is the main reason why the money in your bank accounts and savings are slowly decreasing. Because you no longer see what is the important things to do like pay your bills, or saving for emergencies. And not having any money for the more important situations can cause you to borrow other people’s money or take out a loan from the loanshark. 


In some serious situations, when the gamblers are desperate for money but they have no money anymore due to gambling, they’ll do any illegal crimes just to get cash. They’ll either be a thief, drugs sellers, etc. 


The clearest and obvious sign of someone that is struggling with a gambling issue is when all of the people in their life seem to realize that they might have some gambling issues, but the person itself seems not to be aware of the problems that he or she might be having. This is when you know that they are struggling with a gambling issue and they try to hide it from everyone.