TM Unifi pakej

Internet uprising in Malaysia started sometime in the mid to late 90s. That was when the digital technology era was also blooming worldwide too. Malaysia is ranked in the top 100 for both their fixed broadband internet speed mobile broadband internet speed. This makes Malaysia one of the top 100 countries in the world with good internet services. Malaysia has the highest internet user population in Southeast Asia. 

In the past, even in Malaysia, it was not possible for you to send files faster to someone that was living miles away from you and it was difficult to communicate with someone that is living in Sabah while you are in Perlis. But that is possible now. It is because of efficient internet coverage in Malaysia. The internet has made it possible for us to get a lot of things settled faster and also it has made communication easy too. Malaysia has a higher speed internet coverage that is affordable for Malaysians. Malaysia has many internet providers but one of the best is TM Unifi. You can even apply for the TM Unifi pakej for both your home and business.

TM Unifi pakej

On top of that, the internet in Malaysia has enabled education to be continued even though the lockdown period was imposed. Teachers can teach their students via online classes as long as they have proper internet connections and devices for it. The students could also present their final year projects online and that way not only their teachers but also executives could watch them, which increases their chances of being hired due to their academic exposure. The Internet in Malaysia has allowed reporters and journalists to share important news with the public faster. For example, if the news channel has some technical issues, the reporters could go online and share their news via online news pages. That way the public is still updated about what is happening around them. 

20 years ago, it was not that common to buy your items online, but now it is very common. This is because of the internet in Malaysia. During the lockdown period imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a surge in internet activity among Malaysians. This is because they had done their shopping online for their groceries and other personal things. In fact, Malaysians are getting more used to doing their purchases online that even physical stores have opted to sell their products online by having websites to gain more customers during the lockdown period. This has enabled the businesses to survive even though their physical stores were instructed to be closed. 

It can be seen that Malaysia is going through an internet revolution period with the number of internet surfing activities increasing rapidly. This is because Malaysia is encouraging the development of new internet infrastructure that could make the current internet coverage even better for Malaysians. Besides that, they are also upgrading their internet service plans frequently to give people the opportunity to get internet services at an affordable rate.