How to Woo Women

Wooing women is a lost form of art. Why? Because some men these days just don’t do it anymore. Some are too shy and some just do it wrongly. Taking all those men’s health supplements won’t be of use if you have no game. So here’s some tips that you can try when it comes to sweeping someone off their feet.

#1: Do Not Hesitate

Focus. Here’s how you get out of the friendzone:

When you see the girl that you like then just go make your move. If you’re shy and hold it off then she’s never going to realise it. And even if you do, she’ll just think of you as the ‘friend’ type. Even if you’re her type.

#2: Be Direct

Exactly how to ask a young lady out?

Straightforward. Be straightforward and express your goals. Don’t be afraid of coming off as flirty because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Flirting. Just ask her out already!

“Would you like to hang out at some point?”

Girls like straightforward men. But make it OBVIOUS why you want to spend time with her. Make her understand you don’t need another friend.

“I realize this is weird, but I think you’re extremely beautiful. If you’re free, do you want to get some coffee?”

Stop trying to wait for the right time because a time is right when you make it. Face your fears and regardless how the response is, at least you tried and the next time you ask a girl out, it’s not as scary.

#3: Embrace Rejection

Look man, we all fear coming up short and getting rejected. That happens. Move on. At least you tried. Plus think of it as her loss anyways. You’re a diamond in the rough.