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Nowadays everything is being held online from payment to playing online casino games, we don’t even have to carry cash with us because almost every retail store, restaurant, vendor and other will accept online transactions. And if we want to have entertainment we can watch plenty of funny videos, movies or play the best online casino. 


best online casino


However with how easy the technology is there’s a risk that comes along with it. Just like how technology has evolved the crimes and the criminal has also evolved and taken their crimes skill to the next level. In today’s news, we can see a lot of voice phishing, fraud, scamming, and hackers that stole the personal information of civilians. That is why it’s important for us to be safe and protect ourselves even though we are online. Here are some ways that you can slowly adapt in your life, to be safer online. 


Firstly, you need to make sure that every account you have, is being protected with a safe and strong password. Especially your online bank account. Your birthday combination is something that a hacker will guess on the first try and if this is your password, they’ll easily get into your account and do whatever they want. It’s best to create a unique password and try to not use the same password for everything. 


Next, we all know the purpose of social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are for us to share a bit of our life and most people do that too. However, not everything is meant to be shared and put online where everyone can see them, some things are better be kept secret and private. Oversharing your personal information like your address, your current location, and something similar can put your life in danger. 


When you are doing your work or assignment in a public space and you’re using their free wifi make sure that your laptop has a VPN. What is VPN? A VPN is something that can protect our laptop from any viruses and strangers cannot hack into our laptop or track our IP address when we have a VPN. Sometimes when we are using free wifi like at Starbucks or wherever that is free, we are exposing ourselves to hack and traced by anyone that is hacking the wifi of that public space. But with VPN, they couldn’t be able to hack us. 


Lastly, when you want to click on a certain link or website always double-check and make sure that the links or websites are safe. Sometimes most people will just simply click on the random links or websites that they see and this can lead to viruses being spread in your computer or they can hack into your computer and see all of your movement in the computer. Make sure that the link you are clicking is a complete link with a symbol of lock and the complete “https” this is definitely a safe link. 


Remember, always be safe online because we do not know what crimes are waiting behind the screen of a laptop.

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