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Netflix can provide comfort food at times, and it can also send a jolt to the system at other times which can be fun especially after a long day working with broker forex terbaik di Indonesia. When the latter is the case, you’ll want an excellent thriller that doesn’t go overboard with the blood and gore but yet manages to shake you to your core. The streaming service has a good selection of thrillers, but there are also some other films called “thrillers” that aren’t the best use of your time. Take a look at our suggestions below if you need some help deciding which thrillers to watch using internet in Malaysia.


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  • The Pelican Brief

Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts star in a thriller together. Please have mercy on me. For both actors, the 1993 picture is a high point in their careers. Roberts plays a law student caught in the heart of a bizarre conspiracy idea that turns out to be more truth than theory. When her life is in danger, Washington’s journalist role is her last hope of surviving the situation.


  • Apostle

Director Gareth Evans dials back the hand-to-hand combat in his follow-up to his two action epics, The Raid and The Raid 2, but keeps a few buckets of blood ready in this horrific supernatural horror thriller. Dan Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, an opium addict in the early twentieth century who travels to a hazy island controlled by a clandestine cult that has fallen on hard times. The passionate religious group is led by Father Malcolm (Michael Sheen), a bearded scold who may or may not be driving his flock astray. Aside from a few bursts of kinetic violence and a few crank-filled torture moments, Evans keeps this movie rather middle-of-the-road, allowing the performers, lofty themes, and windswept panoramas to speak for themselves. It’s a cult film that gradually gains your devotion, then all at once.


  • The Guest

Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard’s ripper of a mystery, centred on an attractive stranger who shows up on a family’s doorstep, won over critics and spectators alike. A neon-tinged, techno-tinged nostalgic fever dream Maika Monroe and Dan Stevens both had breakout performances in The Guest.


  • Locke

Locke, which stars Tom Hardy and only Tom Hardy, is set entirely in our protagonist Ivan’s automobile. Ivan barrels along the road, managing emotional wreckage from every part of his quickly collapsing world, taking phone calls from his wife, children, coworkers, and the mother of his unborn kid from a one-night encounter. There have been many thrillers with larger stakes, but few are as completely gripping as this one.


  • Cop Car

In the gripping thriller Cop Car, a couple of small-town youths having a joyride in a police cruiser amounts to considerably more than a juvenile prank. The two teenagers unwittingly steal the car of Sheriff Kretzer (Kevin Bacon), who will go to any length to recover his car and the incriminating evidence it contains. As the enraged sheriff follows them across highways and back roads, the bright kids prove to be surprisingly capable opponents.