unifi fibre plan

Although there is no standard definition of broadband performance, it is primarily based on downstream speed and can be divided into three groups:

  • 1-10MB / s – High speed
  • 30-300MB / s – Very High Speed ​​- the result of 120 in the photo shows that my speed is very good, but not the best.
  • 300 MB / s + – Ultra-High Speed

unifi fibre plan

When you click on “Show more info”, you will know much more about your connection. These numbers are becoming increasingly important in a country where you work, shop, play – where we almost live – online. With the unifi fibre plan you can expect the best deals now.

What do uplink speed and latency mean? 

Upstream flow rate 

In general, the speed of the upflow is expected to be about 10% of the speed of the downflow. For years, streaming has been the dominant requirement for internet connection in our homes, as we watch video on demand and browse the Internet on iPads and smartphones often at the same time.

As we begin to use video calls more and more for work and meetings with loved ones, our ability to send (upload) data to the internet will become more important than ever. 

Zoom, a leading video conferencing company, offers the following speeds , both upstream and downstream, to get the most out of its services: 

  • Video call between 2 people: from 0.5 Mb / s to 1.8 Mb / s 
  • Group video call: 1MB / s to 3MB / s

If you consider that the upstream speed should be 10% of the downstream speed, and your downstream speed is 10MB / s, then an upstream speed of 1MB / s does not mean you will not provide the best video conferencing quality on Zoom. It is also important to note that one hour of video conferencing equals approximately 1 GB of data. You need to monitor your usage if you are billed per use or if your plan is capped, which is generally the case with your mobile plan.


The other number displayed is the latency, which indicates the timeout of your broadband connection. Although it is measured in milliseconds (0.01 seconds), it is this number that gives us the impression that we are out of sync with others in a video conference.