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It doesn’t matter who you are, even those working for a roof drain pipe can dress themselves to be beautiful and handsome for the special day! Here are some online muslimah boutiques to get ready for Eid celebration!

muslimah boutiques

Vanora KL

This boutique sells many kinds of apparel that can spice up your look in the morning of Eid! It offers many casual wear besides puffy-sleeved blouses and simple dress wear. If you are more of a formal kind who loves a little bit of office look Vanora has all manners of blazers that you can choose from! There are also many colors to go for to fit your outfit together.  


A perfect heaven for jeans! If you are searching for budget-friendly jeans to accentuate your legs, Bysk has just the right thing for you. With a price range around RM29 above, you can buy a bundle of it for under RM100. They even have luxury brands like ZARA and H&M jeans at cheaper prices! There are many types of jeans they are selling right now, such as straight cut, slim cut, skinny, bootcut, tapered and so on.


Need a perfect hijab to complete your ideal Eid look? Cakesha provides a wide selection of scarves with an amazing color palette for you to choose from. Selling cotton material along with chiffon, satin silk, as well as bawal (square-shaped shawl) and inner scarves, you will never run out of any choices you would like to go for. The prices are affordable too!


If you are looking for the best elegant handbag which gives off the luxurious vibe, Meers has just the product to provide your ideal appearance. Their most popular handbag is the RATU bag, where you can put your initials there to mark your ownership. There is also an everyday tote bag for you to use and put initials on it, and you can bring it to your next grocery shopping some other time.


Now, what kind of shoes would fit your doll-like outfit to make you appear innocent? MyBallerine has got you covered! Their shoes are inspired by ballerina dance shoe design, hence their business name. There are many types of ballerina shoes you can go for which will definitely fits your Eid outfit, namely round toes, pointed toes – there are also loafers if you are opting for a simpler casual look.

Hijabista Hub

Are you a dress kinda gal? Hijabista Hub does not limit to only those who wear the hijab. They sell beautiful designs of baju kurung, dresses, scarves and many more for all types of sizes! It would be a shame to not pay a visit to this shop while you are on the shopping spree after those long wee hours of roofing Malaysia.


This is one of the most affordable chiffon shawl shops you should go for! Not only is it comfy to wear, it is also stylish to flaunt your style.