A lot of people are engrossed by the idea of having their websites hosted by a free hosting provider. Their rationale is that they do not have to pay for anything and they can have a blog up and running without spending a dime. But in reality, you are actually paying more- you just don’t know that yet. You see, although you do not pay anything upfront when you get the services of a free web hosting provider, you are actually doing more harm than good- both on your website and your online reputation.
Free web hosts typically put ads on your website and the sad thing is that you have no control over what type of ads are presented on your platform. This is a huge no-no if your intention is to gain popularity in the online space. That is why you need to do self-hosting. For those of you who do not know, self-hosting is basically where you pay a top hosting company to have your website or blog hosted on their own servers.
Today, I am going to go over some of the benefits of self-hosting your website.

1. Your Own Domain Name

Most of the paid hosting solutions nowadays provide you with the means of coming up with your own domain name. You do not have to pay extra as it is already part of their main services.

2. Personalized Email Address

If you are running a business website or if you want to establish and improve your online reputation, having a personalized email address is a must as it helps convey that you are actually a legitimate entity.

Great hosting providers will actually give you a personalized email address based on your domain name so that you can give that ‘stamp of authenticity’ whenever you send emails to your clients.

3. Absolute Control of Your Webpage

This is actually one of the major benefits of self-hosting your website. You are given absolute control of how your website functions and you do not have to do the brunt of the work to make that happen since paid hosting providers will do that for you.

4. Have Control Over Ads

As mentioned earlier, free web hosting services do not ask money from you upfront, but they will post ads on your website which you do not have control over.

The reason why these services post ads is to help them gain some revenue in the form of ad revenue. If you want to monetize your own website, you can do so- with the main benefit that you have control over which ads you want to post on your page.

5. Great Customer Support

Creating a complex website may require some technical knowledge and if you do not know anything about web development, do not worry. Good web hosting providers are ready to assist you should you run into any problems while you’re creating your website.

6. Huge Storage Space

Any file that can be seen or downloaded from your website will require some storage space. Fortunately, most hosting companies nowadays provide you with more than ample storage to help you store your files safely and securely.

7. Regular Backups

Since servers are technically just powerful computers, it is subject to mechanical failure in due time. However, the great thing about paid hosting solutions is that they do regular backups so that in the event of an unexpected hardware failure, your website is safely backed up so you can just have it restored immediately.