1.Amazon Associates

Amazon is a big player in the retail market. If you are a newbie affiliate marketer in Malaysia looking for promising opportunities, feel free to leverage on this big affiliate network. Amazon is one of the most reputable networks you can promote from, with a vast range of products from any niche.

While it comes with a strong trust level, the downside with Amazon is that commissions are very small. It’s also difficult to get approved in its programs.

2.eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is, in a way, similar to Amazon Associates. There is a wide array of products you can promote, and eBay’s credibility online is already established. However, it’s also difficult to get accepted in this affiliate network. If you don’t have a website with lots of traffic, you wouldn’t get in.

3.Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare provides plenty of affiliate marketing programs from huge brands. Though, you need to apply in order to promote their products, and getting accepted is not busy. Clearly, this affiliate network is best for those marketers who already have experience.

4.CJ Affiliate by Conversant

This affiliate network is complete with useful stats, and easy to use. It also provides a wide array of products you can promote. Unlike the other advertisers in this list, it’s not that hard to get accepted in this network. As long as you are a legitimate affiliate marketer with ethical digital practices, you can get in.


ShareASale is a popular affiliate marketing network offering plenty of product options. It’s quite easy to sign up at ShareASale, though it’s not the most straightforward affiliate platform. You need to get used to its pages to make the most out of its features.