With more phones being released every year, applications have become more and more robust. It not only brings with it a host of cool features, but new things are being added on a consistent basis. Mobile app development has no signs of stopping and it is continually being improved as the days and months progress. If you’re looking to be a mobile app developer, then here are some future trends that
you need to watch out for:

1. Improved Developer Tools

Back in the early days of applications, it is quite hard to create one as it will require a developer to have an extensive knowledge of the programming languages that are needed. Development kits from both Google and Apple are not easy to use and they both have a steep learning curve. However, that is not going to be the case in the near future. In fact, the SDKs that are released today are already more streamlined than ever before. And, both the industry giants have no signs of stopping and the continually improving their frameworks so that it will be much easier to use in the long run.

2. More IoT Apps

The “Internet of Things” or simply just “IoT” is going to be the future. There are now certain home appliances that you can control by using only voice commands and these things can connect to the internet to do your bidding. You will see that more applications that support the IoT are going to be developed, mainly because people want more convenience. Heck, once you’ve created such an app, you will be rich because more companies are willing to invest in this field.

3. The Rise of Mobile Security Applications

As people use their smartphones to conduct business at the comfort of their own homes, it is now more important than ever for app developers to employ security measures to ensure the safety of their applications.This is especially true for companies since any form of breach could cost them a lot of money. Things like two-factor authentication and a more secure encryption protocol should be implemented in future apps.

4. Cloud Technology

The use of cloud services has become more rampant these days due to the fact that it offers people an avenue to store their precious files on a secure location. Most cloud-based services offer an encryption mechanism that is almost impossible to hack. Furthermore, the convenience of accessing your files anywhere is a huge advantage.

5. More Location-based Services

More businesses are actually taking advantage of location-based services to better accommodate their clients. For instance, when a person uses their phones to search for the best place to eat, an application can give them a list of suggestions based on their current location. Businesses can leverage this to their advantage by creating an app of their own so that people can just avail of their services using the platform.


The future of mobile app development is looking bright. As phones get more advanced, the features that can be implemented in an application can be so advanced as well.